Washer And Dryer Repair Los Angeles

Did your clothes washer just stop working? Did it stop full of water and not spin out?

Did your clothes dryer stop drying your clothes? Does it fail to turn on or stay on? 

Your clothes washer may not operate properly due to any number problems with internal components that may fail or become clogged with debris. More modern appliances have advanced circuitry and most are now controlled by small computer boards.

Our technician will diagnose the cause of your clothes washer or dryer problem and provide a detailed explanation of repairs needed to bring your appliance back into service so it operates correctly and efficiently.

The technician will also provide you with a quote for the complete cost of the repair, prior to work being initiated.

After obtaining your approval, our technician will then proceed to complete the repair to your satisfaction.

Common clothes washer problems include:

  • Clothes Washer is leaking water.
  • No water is pumping into or out of the washer.
  • Clothes Washer will not finish washing clothes.
  • Clothes Washer makes loud & unusual noises.
  • Clothes Washer fills with water but does not wash.
  • Clothes Washer washes but will not drain
  • Clothes Washer washes and drains but will not spin.
  • Spin cycle does not get enough water out of the clothes for them to dry in the dryer.

Common clothes dryer problems include:

  • Clothes dryer will not turn on.
  • Clothes Dryer turns, warms up, but does not get hot enough to dry the clothes.
  • Clothes Dryer will not finish drying clothes and stops too soon & will not turn back on for an hour or more.
  • Clothes Dryer makes loud & unusual noises, sometimes with burning smells
  • Clothes Dryer shows a code on digital screen and dryer settings cannot be controlled normally.
  • Clothes Dryer does not dry clothes.

Call us and we will take the time to find out exactly what is wrong and give you an exact price to fix the problem before we do the repair.

You will receive the best washer & dryer repair pricing – before we do the repair.

If you need professional assistance for immediate dishwasher service, call us & we will answer our phone almost anytime.